BioShield: Body Detox $320.00/dozen 125ml

Zeolite is a powerful detoxing agent essential to restore and maintain optimum skin health. Zeolite is absordbed in the body through the skin purging free-radicals that cause aging, toxic chemicals, heavy metals, radioactive ions and unhealthy cells.

SunChild product photo

SunChild: Sun Protection $320.00/dozen 125ml

SunChild is a chemical-free alternative to toxic commercial sunscreens formulated for children. Zeolite builds sun tolerance over time resulting in proteection comparable to SPF 50 sunscreen. Removing excess stored UV rays in the skin, SunChild can be used both before and after exposure to greatly mitigate skin damage and sunburn.

sun sheer prodcut photo

SunSheer: Sun Protection $320.00/dozen 125ml

SunSheer assists the body in building sun tolerance over time while permitting the vitamins, and melanin, from sunlight to enter the skin cells. Trapping radiation, zeolite is an innovative way to protect and detoxify the skin at a cellular level. After consitent use, SunSheer is equivalent to SPF 50 sunscreen.

Cocobum product photo

CocoBum: Diaper Ointment $280.00/dozen 125ml

Naturally formulated cream soothes and heals sensitve skin while neutralizing bacteria that cause unwanted diaper rash. Activated with Zeolite to remove oudors, bacteria and chemicals commonly found in diapers.

Beleria product photo

Beleria: Organic Rejuvenation $480.00/dozen 125ml

A unique blend carefully crafted from the best rejuvenating oils: cacao, coconut, jojoba seed, sea buckthorn, carrot seed, raspbery seed and grapefruit seed. These oils are rich in bio-available minerals, vitamins, nutrients and fatty acids providing the vital nourishment your skin needs to remain vibrantly youthful.

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