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Coco Bum

Soothing skin cream

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Sun Child

Organic sun protection for kids

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Bio Shield

Maintain optimum skin health

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Organic Rejuvenation

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Sun Sheer

Organic sun protection

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Meet Zeolite

At EarthSun, we go beyond the principle of safe cosmetics and introduce a whole new class of skin care that nourishes and rejuvenates at a cellular level.
All of our products are made with Zeolite, a mineral proven to purge toxins, free radicals, chemicals, heavy metals and even radiation from the body. Beyond that, our products are composed entirely of top quality, organic oils. In fact, our skin creams are all food grade!
Strengthen the bodies natural health mechanisms and restore balance by promoting vitality, longevity and vibrant health. Studies show that toxicity readily enters the body through the skins pores. That's why our motto is: If you can't eat it, don't out it on your skin!