Organic skin care & cosmetics

Made with and Zeolite

in beautiful British Columbia

Meet Earth Sun

EarthSun was inspired by nature, the source of life. By tapping into that source, and by acquiring knowledge on new technologies, our founder Marie believes it is possible to rely on nature’s abundance to deliver simple yet effective health products.
At EarthSun, we go beyond the principle of safe cosmetics. Powerful healing agents are abundant in each of our products; each contain Zeolite: a powerful detoxifying agent essential to restoring and maintaining optimal health. Studies show that Zeolite eliminates not only toxins but free radicals, chemicals, heavy metals and radiation from the body and represents a great way to promote vitality, longevity and a vibrant spirit!
All of our products are food grade and our motto is:
"If you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin!"