What are you feeding your pores?

There are thousands of pores on every square inch of skin, acting as a thousand open mouths, absorbing that which is applied to the skin directly into the body.

Unlike foods, toxins absorbed through the skin bypass the organism’s natural defence mechanisms. Recent studies have shown that we may actually acquire more toxins through skin absorption than through the foods we eat; this is especially true due to the lack of regulations banning synthetic chemicals from skin care products.

Knowing your skin will eat our product, we only use the highest quality food-grade ingredients, sourced from sustainable, organic, non-GMO and chemical-free farmlands.

If you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin!

The Healing Benefits of Zeolite

EarthSun is vitality food for the skin and medicine for the body.

Our unique blend is carefully crafted from the highest quality ingredients. Rich in bio-available minerals, vitamins, nutrients and fatty acids, our products provide the nourishment your skin needs to maintain a youthful look.

At EarthSun, we strive to go beyond the principle of safe cosmetics. Indeed, powerful healing agents are added into our creams. Each of our products contain Zeolite which get absorbed into the body through the pores. Studies show that Zeolite removes toxins, free radicals, chemicals, heavy metals and radiation from the body. Removing harmful toxins from the body strengthens its natural health mechanisms. A great way to promote vitality, longevity and good health!

Endorsed by Natural Health Professionals!